First Ever Minority-owned Stock Exchange Coming in 2021

Dream Exchange and Cadiz Capital Holding LLC have partnered to create the first-ever minority-owned stock exchange in the history of America. The Dream Exchange will become a new stock exchange that will focus on small business capital formation and diversity using the power of the American investing public. This new stock exchange will allow investors to empower innovators and emerging businesses in a way that has never been done before. Cadiz Capital Holding LLC, a minority-owned private equity firm, has agreed to become the majority owner in Dream Exchange, making this a historic event as there has never before been a majority Black-owned stock exchange in the 230-year history of US stock exchanges.

Dream Exchange and Cadiz Capital Holding LLC bring decades of expertise and have forged a superior alternative for middle-market companies and investors seeking liquidity and diversity.

While many reasons are given for economic growth or decay in the US, the fact remains that 92% of all jobs are created after a company’s initial public offering — yet only 1% of all companies are publicly traded. Dream Exchange’s goal is to create a space where the general investing public is allowed to invest in small and emerging businesses at the early stage, generating an opportunity for wealth creation in the US in a more diverse and liquid platform through the American capital markets.

Dream Exchange plans to expand access to the capital markets system, making that system available to more individuals and businesses by listing new companies. Rather than creating a purely electronic secondary trading apparatus, Dream Exchange will list new companies with breakthrough ideas at an early stage when investors will see the greatest potential opportunity.

Additionally, the Dream Exchange has been educating Members of Congress on the need for venture securities and how best to protect capital markets and create opportunities to grow small businesses in the post-COVID environment.

Dream Exchange Founder and CEO Joe Cecala shared: “The Dream Exchange is a real solution to the long-term systemic issues plaguing our country by providing a marketplace where money flows to any and all organizations that help us to survive better as a society.”

William H. Ellison (Bill), Chairman of Cadiz Capital Holding LLC, echoed the sentiment with, “For years my team and I have looked for a way to help mid-size businesses to participate more extensively in the US economy, we feel the Dream Exchange is that way.”

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